Hey cast and producers.  It's a long time till we're making a movie I know, but I just wanted to check in and let everybody know where we're up to so far.  I figured if I've set up this page then I can update it a few times before April and keep you all in the loop as things progress.  A very sporadic kind of LSR newsletter I suppose...

Without further ado, these are the things that we've been thinking about:


Okay so the first thing is the current version of the script.  There's no need to read this at all really.  It's not the final draft we'll be shooting and it's not significantly different to Draft 2. So feel free to skip it as unless you're real familiar, you may not even notice a lot of the differences.

Basically, I've removed a couple short scenes but you won't miss them or remember what they were- that's why they needed to go!  There's a bit of dialogue cleaning up here and there.  The final two sex scenes have been reworked a bit because I felt they duplicated each other.

Mostly though it's just about clarifying why things happen the way they do between Lionel and Tully and in doing that fleshing out the themes of the story. 90% of the work here is on that. If you want to read it you can download it here: DRAFT 3 SCREENPLAY

As ever, any thoughts or concerns you have let us have it! 


Poppy and I were talking with Logan on the phone about the inspirations for the film; in particular we were discussing how you integrate hardcore sex into an 80 page script without making a 5 hour movie.  Basically there will be no 25 minute sex scenes in our film. Sex scenes will run for 3-4 minutes tops and that's only for the centerpiece scenes.  It's the 1970s style of doing it.  If you're unfamiliar with these films or just want to see the ones that are direct influences on our film I've uploaded a few to my onedrive: DOMS DODGY OLD PORNOGRAPHY

The Opening Of Misty Beethoven:  Misty is a very broad sex comedy, it's a hell of a lot of fun and is a perfect example of how we plan to integrate sex into our film.  There's constant sexual content in Misty but it's largely in passing until it hits the meaningful scenes.
Score!: It's barely a porno with only a few hardcore moments near the end.  But it has the happy, sexpositive, almost fairy tale feel I want for Love, Sex And Robots.
Agent 69: In The Sign Of The Scorpion: We love old Danish pornography! Again, it's just a very happy, innocent movie while being loaded with hardcore sex with stunning Danish women- the men of course are mustachioed nightmares... but some of them are funny. 


So far we have our lead two roles cast.  Aaliyah Hadid as Erika and Logan Pierce as Lionel.  We're super excited to be working with you guys, thanks for being part of it!  As for further casting we're holding off on that till the new year as we're really too far out at this point to be casting other roles. 

We have thoughts on who we want for the roles of Tully and Adonis but of course you guys know the scene and who's working at the moment a lot better than us, so Aaliyah, if you know someone you would like to work with for Adonis feel free to put his name to us and we'll see what we can do.  Logan, the same goes for Tully.


Poppy and I are currently rounding up the talent for the actors Lionel and Erika speak to on the phone throughout the film.  That includes the Psychiatrist, Sluttakarina, Tech Support and others.  We're going to be shooting all their scenes in December here in Melbourne.  The neat bit about that is we'll soon have finished footage we can show you and you can see the tone of the film, the look and how the effects work integrates with the actors.

Until then we probably don't have a lot more to share.  But when those scenes are done we'll ship you guys some video links.

I keep saying it but if you have any casting, or other suggestions send them to us. We're friendly . My email is probably best: domdeacon80@gmail.com


Cheers! Dom.