A young fiesty woman who knows what she wants and is happy to go take it. 

Quick witted, intelligent, with a banging bod to boot.


Looking for an actor with a lot of energy and a lot of character.


A young professional guy.  A good looking, boy next door type who probably takes a life little more serious than he needs to.


Looking for an actor with a gift for comedy who's confident with fast slapstick dialogue.


A beautiful sexbot crafted to be in every way the perfect synthetic girlfriend.

Petite and adorabe, Tully can almost, but not quite, pass for human.  She's a little too spacey, a little too precise.


Phsyically perfect male specimens.  Lab engineered to be the perfect plaything for women.

They lack the AI of the Tully sexbot and are more in the line of mindless automatons who know how to have sex and not much else.