Lionel and Erika are the very happiest couple in Utopia city. Or at least they were until Lionel came home to find his love in bed with the ADONIS 3000- the very latest in Sexbot technology and a stunning hunk to boot.


 Jealous, Lionel takes on a sexbot of his own, the alluring Tully Version 8.  With their robots always ready for action Lionel and Erika go on contrasting erotic adventures. 


But can you find love, and happiness, with a Sexbot?

They don't make them like this anymore!  Love, Sex & Robots is a hardcrore pornographic, narrative, feature length production. A romantic comedy where the sex is integral to the narrative and entertaining the audience with character and humour is just as important as the naughty bits!


It will be a film with a level of gloss rarely seen in the XXX world. It's to be shot in 4k by DC Xavier whos background as a glamour photographer and 3d composite artist will ensure the film is beautiful to look at and is filled with Special Effects that are actually special. 

Shooting April 2020 in Los Angeles for a 2020 premiere.  Casting now!